Descartes Search LLC's all current job opportunities / デカルトサーチ 全募集一覧表

ZR_883_JOBFull timeData Scientist, Product - SMT2019/04/24no needhighly competitiveTokyo
ZR_605_JOBFull timeSoftware engineer - COB2018/08/28nonevery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1206_JOBFull timeWeb application development engineer - Tech lead - ALM2020/06/23BusinesscompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1142_JOBFull timeServer side engineer - COK2020/03/05a business level is preferred but not mandatorytokyo
ZR_1213_JOBFull timeElectrical circuit engineer - MEL2020/06/23not needed per severy competitiveTokyo
ZR_1183_JOBFull timeSoftware Development Manager, Manga - AMZ2020/04/21not mandatoryvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_881_JOBFull timeEngineering Manager - SMT2019/04/24no needhighly competitiveTokyo
ZR_967_JOBFull timeTech lead - MST2019/11/25not needed depending on the levelVery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1185_JOBFull timeDevops /data engineer for machine learning - SML2020/05/04conversationalvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1177_JOBFull timeSenior Product Manager - Technical, Points - AMZ2020/04/03not mandatoryvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1178_JOBFull timeSenior Product Manager – Tech, Music - AMZ2020/04/03not mandatoryvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1221_JOBFull timeQuality Assurance Engineer - APPD2020/07/01businesscompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1203_JOBFull timeBack-end engineer - COR2020/06/19nonevery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1211_JOBFull timeMechanical design engineer - MEL2020/06/23not needed per severy competitiveTokyo
ZR_976_JOBFull timeWeb software engineer (generalist) - SML2019/11/25a good business level in jp is mandatoryvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1189_JOBFull timeServer engineer - TRD2020/05/14at least conversationalTokyo
ZR_1195_JOBFull timeSoftware engineer - LAX2020/05/20business levelTokyo
ZR_1192_JOBFull timeBack-end engineer - EUR2020/05/18fluentvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_716_JOBFull timeAlgorithm engineer / アルゴリズムエンジニア - CD2019/01/21at least business levelcompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1173_JOBFull timeMachine Learning Scientist, AI Foundation - SMT2020/04/02no needhighly competitiveTokyo
ZR_860_JOBFull timeSoftware Engineer, server side - SMT2019/04/24no needhighly competitiveTokyo
ZR_1220_JOBFull timeUI/UX designer - BEA2020/06/24not needed.very competitiveTokyo
ZR_1219_JOBFull timeProduct manager - BEA2020/06/24fluentvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1218_JOBFull timeFull-stack engineer - BEA2020/06/24conversational levelvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1217_JOBFull timeMachine learning engineer - BEA2020/06/24nonevery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1216_JOBFull timeAI Solution Architect - CIN2020/06/24BusinesscompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1139_JOBFull timeold - AI solution architect - CI2020/03/04businessTokyo
ZR_1214_JOBFull timeRobot control program development - MEL2020/06/23not needed per severy competitiveTokyo
ZR_1212_JOBFull timeUser interface development engineer - MEL2020/06/23not needed per severy competitiveTokyo
ZR_1215_JOBFull timeSignal processing engineer- MEL2020/06/23not needed per severy competitiveTokyo
ZR_1210_JOBFull timeHardware engineer- medical equipment - MEL2020/06/23nocompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1207_JOBFull timeImage processing engineer - MEL2020/06/23not needed per severy competitiveTokyo
ZR_1209_JOBFull timeHardware - electric circuit designer - tech lead engineer - ALM2020/06/23BusinesscompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1208_JOBFull timeHardware -mechanical design tech lead engineer - ALM2020/06/23Businesscompetitive岐阜
ZR_1204_JOBFull timeDevelopment project manager - ALM2020/06/22businesscompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1205_JOBFull timeKIOSK/IoT application programmer - ALM2020/06/22BusinesscompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1116_JOBFull timeFull-stack development engineer - PA2020/01/27nonecompetitorTokyo
ZR_1179_JOBFull timeSenior Software Development Engineer, Search Infrastructure - AMZ2020/04/06no needvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1106_JOBFull timeSoftware engineer - Site Reliability Engineering - SMT2019/12/16no needvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1200_JOBFull timeData scientist / ML engineer - INV - JIN2020/05/28a good conversational levelcompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1191_JOBFull timenew - Front-end engineer - HD2020/05/14nonecompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1108_JOBFull timeAI engineer - DIG - AI2020/01/06at least a good conversational levelcompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1184_JOBFull timePayload Integration Coordinator - ISC2020/04/22noneTokyo
ZR_524_JOBFull timeiOS software engineer - SMT2018/04/20no needvery competitveTokyo
ZR_1128_JOBFull timeSoftware engineer - jp - INF2020/02/07fluentcompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1071_JOBFull timeVerification engineer - SKD2020/06/09conversationalcompetitiveNagoya
ZR_1158_JOBFull timeFull stack engineer - SEC2020/03/18business levelvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1162_JOBFull timeAndroid engineer - EUR2020/03/18conversational is preferrable.very competitiveTokyo
ZR_1169_JOBFull timeSr. Software Development Engineer, Search - AMZ - jp2020/03/22fluentvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1156_JOBFull timenew - Hardware / Systems / Mechanical Engineer / Technician - ARJ - jp2020/03/13fluentvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1121_JOBFull timeNew full stack engineer - COR2020/01/28nonevery competitiveTokyo
ZR_971_JOBFull timeSenior software engineer, Server side - SMT2020/01/31no needhighly competitiveTokyo
ZR_1144_JOBFull timeDeep learning engineer - CIN2020/03/06nonecompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1007_JOBFull timeSoftware Engineer, Data Platform - SMT2019/08/01no needhighly competitiveTokyo
ZR_1110_JOBFull timeMid-level backend/fullstack engineer - CRY2020/01/16no needcompetitiveTokyo
ZR_835_JOBFull timeFront-end engineer / フロントエンドエンジニア - OCO2019/04/05businessvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1187_JOBFull timeSenior Computer Vision Engineer - CR2020/05/11nonecompetitiveTokyo
ZR_917_JOBFull timeAIソリューション・デリバリー (Project manager)(PM) - CI2019/05/07businessvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1202_JOBFull timeFront-end engineer - INV - JIN2020/06/03a good conversational levelcompetitiveTokyo
ZR_965_JOBFull timeProject manager - MST2019/06/28a high degree of fluency is needed.competitiveTokyo
ZR_1176_JOBFull timeProduct Manager, JP Growth - SMT2020/04/03businesshighly competitiveTokyo
ZR_510_JOBFull timeFront end engineer /フロントエンドエンジニア - MEP2018/06/30not neededvery very competitiveTokyo
ZR_512_JOBFull timeFront-end engineer - SMT2018/04/20no need5~10Tokyo
ZR_712_JOBFull timeSenior backend engineer / バックエンドエンジニア(シニア) - CD2019/01/21businessvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_609_JOBFull timeFull Stack Software engineer / フルスタックエンジニア - OCO2018/08/29businessvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1078_JOBFull timeBusiness development manager - CI2019/10/29nativevery competitiveTokyo
ZR_907_JOBFull time3D CAD engineer - (experienced) - SOC - EX2020/06/07fluentTokyo
ZR_1201_JOBFull timeEngineering manager - CD2020/06/01fluentCompetitiveTokyo
ZR_956_JOBFull timeBackend software engineer - MER2019/06/21no needvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1032_JOBFull timeQA lead engineer - BB2019/09/05business levelvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1199_JOBFull timeData consultant - SMT2020/05/27business levelvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1170_JOBFull timeHead of Software Development - AMZ2020/03/31business level is much preferredvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1154_JOBFull timeElectrical system engineer - SKD2020/03/09nonecompetitiveNagoya
ZR_1193_JOBFull timeAIプロダクト 新規事業責任者 / Director of New AI Products Business - INC2020/05/19nativecompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1171_JOBFull timeHead of Data Science, Japan Consumer Innovation - AMZ2020/03/31no needvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1031_JOBFull timeSenior Product Manager - COR2019/09/03business level is preferredvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_714_JOBFull timeFront end engineer (senior) / フロントエンドエンジニア(シニア) - CD2019/01/21businessvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1198_JOBFull timeAI strategist - CI2020/05/22fluentvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1196_JOBFull timeAWS infra engineer - BB2020/05/21business levelvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_829_JOBFull timeAssembly, Integration and Verification Engineer - ISC2019/04/02noneTokyo
ZR_1194_JOBFull timeApplication engineer - FBT2020/05/20Fluentcompetitivetokyo
ZR_1133_JOBFull timenew C++ engineer - CR2020/02/17nonecompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1182_JOBFull timeQA engineer - FBT2020/04/14Fluentcompetitivetokyo
ZR_1036_JOBFull timeInfra engineer - FBT2019/09/06Fluentcompetitivetokyo
ZR_1190_JOBFull timenew - Back-end engineer - HD2020/05/14nonecompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1145_JOBFull timeMachine learning engineer (speech recognition) - CA -2020/03/09businesscompetitive packageTokyo
ZR_523_JOBFull timeMachine learning software engineer - SMT2019/11/25nonevery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1188_JOBFull timeMobile engineer - TRD2020/05/14business levelTokyo
ZR_1050_JOBFull timeCloud software engineer - USN2019/09/20businesscompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1186_JOBFull timeFull stack engineer (Rails) - Ad Tech - FO2020/05/10business levelcompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1134_JOBFull timeSoftware engineer - ALM2020/02/17business level is much preferredTokyo
ZR_953_JOBFull timeMarketing manager - COR2019/06/20a business level is requiredvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_993_JOBFull timeSenior Machine Learning Engineer - COR2019/11/26nonevery competitiveTokyo
ZR_675_JOBFull timeServer side engineer - APPD2018/12/18businesscompetitiveTokyo
ZR_1087_JOBFull timeDeep learning engineer - SML2019/10/30no needvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_711_JOBFull timeSenior algorithm engineer / アルゴリズムエンジニア(シニア) - CD2019/01/21it depends on the experiencevery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1066_JOBFull timenew - Embedded software engineer - ISC2019/10/18noneTokyo
ZR_1135_JOBFull timeSecurity engineer - CRG2020/02/19Fluentvery competitiveTokyo
ZR_1140_JOBFull timeSenior Technical Program Manager - ARJ2020/03/05fluenttokyo
ZR_972_JOBFull timeFull stack engineer - MST2019/07/02no need depending on the technical levelcompetitiveTokyo

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